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Do Jade Eggs Really Work?

By Clare on July 18th, 2014

Jade or Yoni Egg

Jade and Yoni Egg Reviews

Every day, ladies perform various beauty treatments, from moisturizing their faces to doing their nails, in an attempt to look and feel vibrant and appealing.

Meanwhile, most of them fail to pay attention to the one part that’s vital to sexual pleasure, the vagina.

With time, this organ can lose its natural elasticity and fails to retighten fully after stretching.

So, is there anything you can do to tighten your vagina before resorting to surgery?


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Jade Eggs / Yoni Eggs Review

Anyone seeking to restore their pelvic floor’s elasticity may have heard about Kegels, which are exercises performed for this purpose.

However, research indicates that a large percentage of ladies perform them incorrectly.

Even when done properly, Kegels alone aren’t sufficient to tone the pelvic region.

There’s no need to despair though. The yoni egg offers a whole new spectrum of sensual exercises for the pelvic floor.




Do Yoni Eggs Really Work?

Yoni is a Sanskrit term for the female genitalia that literally translates to ‘sacred space’.

The female practice involving the use of eggs is estimated to have been in existence for about 5 millennia.

The Yoni egg (also known as jade egg or love egg) refers to an alluring semi-precious stone that’s carved into an egg-shaped then polished. This was then placed inside the vagina and specially manipulated to help the muscles regain vitality and tone.

Ladies did this to awaken their sexual power while maintaining health during old age.

For a tightening technique to have survived over 5000 years you’d have to be very suspicious to think it a fad!



Benefits of the Yoni Egg

Improved Tone

Because the vagina is a muscle, it can be strengthened via exercise. A resilient tone to the pelvic walls helps boost blood flow while awakening subtle sensations throughout the entire region. This leads to a tighter vagina, resulting in heightened sexual sensations for both partners. It also helps the lady have more intense orgasms.


This refers to the ability to open up the pelvic floor by softening it to enhance pleasure. The first few inches of the vagina have numerous nerve endings and are highly sensitive.

Experts claim the vagina isn’t meant to be pushed into, but rather meant to pull towards itself. The exercises in the Yoni Egg practice helps you learn how to activate their natural pulling in reflex.


This is the ability to separate various muscles of the pelvic floor in order to move them either individually, in sequence or simultaneously. This helps create more pleasure by turning the vagina from a mere hollow tube into an active mouth.

The practice also teaches ladies how to push, pull and squeeze in different ways. This dexterity can be enforced into nature with consistent practice.

Birth Training and Ante-Natal Recovery

There are very few, if any, practices that teach ladies how to give birth. However, several Yoni Egg exercises directly relate to delivery. The practices are also great for post-birth recovery in helping the pelvis, vagina, and uterus restore their elasticity and rapidly assume their pre-birth state.

Using The Yoni Egg

While some women perform the exercises for about an hour every day, others use it more often, with some even doing it all day.

Most users report that they find the exercises pleasurable, and there are even claims that the practice could help one achieve orgasm on their own.

As the muscles strengthen with time, both the lady and her partner will experience more pleasurable lovemaking.

It is, however, possible to go over the edge with this practice. Too much practice or intensity could result in the opposite of the anticipated effect. Over-stressing the muscles could create excessive tension which tends to diminish sexual pleasure by impeding the pathways.

This practice is also not suitable for ladies wearing an IUD and expectant women as well. The former is due to the risk of inhibiting the device’s contraceptive function and dislodging it from the cervix.

One can also opt whether or not to use the egg when they’re on their periods.

Using the Yoni Egg is reported to yield positive effect for all ladies, even those into their 70s and 80s.

It is not only great for performing Kegels to improve sexual pleasure but also helpful in preparing for childbirth. These eggs have powerful unique properties that could positively impact your body in countless ways.

The Quickest Way To A Tighter Vagina!!!

Have you heard of V-Tight Gel? It’s the topical ointment that is known to tighten you vagina in the quickest time possible.

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