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V-Tight Gel Review

By Clare on July 18th, 2016


This cream has been hailed as the best vaginal tightening cream to buy. Is it all it's made out to be? Find out below.

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V-Tight Gel Reviewed

What is V-Tight Gel?

V-Tight Gel is a topical ointment that renews the natural elasticity by tightening your vaginal walls. The cream has been manufactured using only naturally occurring ingredients which make it a safe product to use on your most intimate area.

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V-Tight Gel has been perfected over the years. The manufacturer has great experience and has been making such products for almost 16 years. They are committed to using all-natural ingredients.


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It’s having some rave reviews with many women singing it’s praises as the cure to a loose vagina but is it really as life-changing as the testimonials claim?

The gel has proved itself as a healthy and safe alternative to surgery. In addition, it has ingredients to help with vaginal dryness, as well as its primary function as a vaginal tightener.

What can a vaginal tightening cream do?

Vaginal tightening creams offer effects that are very similar to surgery, the most advantageous of which is a firmer and more taut vagina and increased sensitivity around the vulva and clitoris. What makes this cream special is the fact that it is not only meant to contract your v back into it’s youthful state but also offer other benefits.

Tighten your vagina – I know this is obvious but it really does work! By firming the walls and canal of your genitals you will feel muscle contractions in your lady area, especially at intercourse. A pleasure for everyone involved and the main reason to buy a vaginal tightening cream.

Increase libido – Vtight gel is also thought to intensify the female libido, which is why it is sometimes referred to as a “renewal gel”. V-Tight is known to increase blood flow around the vulva including the labia minora and majora (inner and outer lips). By doing so the nerves become more stimulated making sexual feelings more intense and wanted.

No more vaginal dryness – As women age it can be common for your vag to struggle with creating a natural lubricant when preparing to make love. By applying the formula it makes entry for your partner easier and more pleasurable for you. It also supposed to act as a catalyst for your own juices to flow.

Recover after childbirth – Regaining pelvic floor strength can be a real issue. Leaking urine when sitting or moving can cause great discomfort and embarrassment. V Tight has been designed to help re-enforce the pubic and pelvic areas to help combat this and aid a speedier recovery from giving birth.


Childbirth Recovery

How does V-Tight Gel work?

There are many reasons that the natural form and elasticity of the vagina changes over time. These include:

  • multiple childbirths over a short period of time
  • heavy lifting that may weaken the pelvic floor
  • ageing genetic factors that are present from birth

V-Tight Gel aims to fix this by providing the nutrients your vagina requires to consistently re-lubricate its interior walls and remain tight and firm.

There is no surgical procedure involved and no long hospital stay necessary. It’s also a fraction of the price of surgery with a the fantastic 3 month warranty making it the best vaginoplasty alternative.

When I found out I could use the v tight gel and perform my kegel exercises to help tighten I was super excited. It’s now my hope to help millions of women who have personal experience of a loose vagina by critiquing ways to cure vaginal looseness.

Making your vagina tight again brings other benefits too. You will start to enjoy sex again, an increased pressure and feeling will bring more intense orgasms without worrying if your partner is enjoying it too.

There are many water-based and oil-based products from which to choose, but upon reading this V-Tight Gel review, you will see that it is the most successful and popular products available to buy.

The cream also comes with an exercise program that is very simple to follow. It’s claimed that completing these exercises will help aid the overall results and increase the amount of time it lasts.

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Where Can I Buy V-Tight Gel?

The only place this website will recommend buying from is the official website. There are reasons for this:

1. Safety

Always buy products that are central to your health from reputed sellers. The manufacturers only sell from there own channel. Purchasing elsewhere such as Amazon or Ebay etc means you will be dealing with a reseller and not necessarily a legitimate product. Worse still you could be getting scammed by someone selling an inferior products which is not a good thing when applying to your genitals.

2. Reputation

Body ointment companies only sell direct from their own websites to keep an eye on the quality. If you buy from anywhere other than it means you could be getting a modified cream with lesser quality. This could also mean the organic recipe being replaced with cheaper chemicals.

3. Money Back Guarantee

By using the official channels you will also be eligible for a guarantee. See the site for more details on this.

4. Deals and Offers

By getting it direct you are also eligible for various discounts depending on the quantity bought.

5. Discretion & Privacy

You will not have to endure the embarrassment of your kids or friends opening websites to find “If you bought that you’ll like this”. The website is secure and your package will be delivered with a plain box so need to worry about any embarrassing deliveries or cyber trail.

6. WorldWide Delivery

Official site will deliver globally. So wherever you are in the world you can still access this product. Available to the Northern and Southern Hemisphere.

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V-Tight Gel Price – How Much Does It Cost?

By buying directly from the manufacturers you get access to the most discounted offers at the lowest v-tight gel price. Currently, this comes in the form of 3 packages.

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Package 1. Buy 3 Bottles, Get 2 FREE

This best value package is a bargain price. It works out at the equivalent of 5 bottles for just $23.97 each and leaves you with a 5 month supply. The vendors’ website claims this is the most popular package due to the incredible savings to be had.

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Package 2. Buy 2 Bottles, Get 1 FREE

This 2nd tier pack is will last your 3 months worth of applications and works out at $26.63 per bottle. An amazing value for money, especially when measured against risky surgical procedures.

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Package 3. Single Bottle

A single month supply which is great for a trial run if you’re still unsure. The equivalent of £39.95 per bottle.

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How to apply to vulva, cervix and uterus

How to apply Vtight

Instruction will come with the package but here is a quick break down:

  1. Wash your hands and dry
  2. Dispense gel onto finger tips (about as much as you would use on your face)
  3. Slowly insert fingers into vagina and massage lightly into walls
  4. Wait for a short period of time (around 2-5 mins)

Because this is made of natural ingredients it’s claimed that you can safely after sex in a couple of minutes of use. I liked the speed of effect.

You should feel your v tightening however if you use just before intercourse you can also get the benefits of increased arousal and lubrication.

Organic Ingredients

There are absolutely no artificial ingredients in V-Tight Gel. It is primarily made from pure substances consisting of naturally occurring elements or plant derivatives.

Because it is 100 percent natural and pure I would say it’s completely safe to use. It can be used safely in all areas of the vagina without fear of the side effects that are typically associated with creams and gels containing synthetic medications.

The primary active ingredients are listed below:

  • Manjakani extract
  • Arginine
  • PCA salt
  • Water
  • Citric acid
  • Sodium benzoale
  • Witch hazel leaf extract

Manjakani extract

The most important ingredient is the Manjakani extract. It has been used in Asia and Eastern Europe for centuries among women who desire a natural cure for vaginal loosening and who wish to strengthen their vaginal walls.

The Manjakani tree bears a vegetable type product referred to as a gall. Galls contain several ingredients, among which are ellagic acid, gallic acid, and tannin.

All these substances have tightening qualities and have been used in countries such as Malaysia by women who want to bring back uterine wall flexibility following childbirth.

Manjakani is also used to treat gingivitis and toothaches, which tells you a bit about its safety as an ingredient, as the mucous membranes of the mouth are very sensitive.

You have probably heard of witch hazel extract, as it is a popular product for the treatment of inflammation and sores. Witch Hazel has also been used by women for centuries to tighten the uterus and vaginal canal after childbirth, similar to Manjakani extract.

Side Effects

This formula is effective and safe. The gel works within minutes after first application, and will not only firm and tighten the vaginal canal, but also boost your libido to help stimulate the appropriate areas necessary to achieve orgasm.

Some women have complained of a tingling sensation but that has been attributed to the increased blood flow and contracting of the surrounding and inner muscles.

As with any medication or topical ointment, it is best not to use when pregnant and if you have any queries you should always consult with a medical professional.

Additional Benefits

Below are some of the benefits of this product as mentioned on V-Tight Gel review sites and on other websites:

  • Restores flexibility
  • Increases female libido
  • Works as a lubricant
  • Cleanses and keeps bacteria at bay
  • Enhances blood flow to the vagina
  • Restores fullness to the vaginal walls
  • Most women experience permanent tightening over time

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V-Tight Gel Reviews

Below is a selection of satisfied buyers. These testimonials have come directly from verified purchases bought directly from the manufacturers.

Feels good to find a product that works

As a 35 year old, sexually active woman, it really helps to have a product like V-Tight to make sure everything is working properly. I love the way it makes me feel. And I love the confidence it brings when the time is right. I don’t know, something about having the confidence of knowing it’ll feel good for him, makes sex a million times better…I’m more in control than I ever thought I could be. I’ve tried other products that claim the same thing, but none of them worked as well as V-Tight.

Andrea Henderson

Can I get more please

After 2 months of V-tight I’m so 100% sold, all I can think about is ordering another 3 month supply as soon as this runs out. Not only do I feel tighter, but sex actually feels better, and I feel better knowing HE feels better.

Kylie Braxton

Best I’ve felt in years

I’m sure I don’t have to tell any woman out there what happens when we get a bit older and bit further into our womanhood. Sometimes you just need that little extra to throw some passion and confidence back into your sex life. V-tight was exactly that for me. I feel NEW and refreshed and better than I have in years and am completely confident in my rejuvenated vaginal area. Each time now feels like the first time.

Cynthia Hampton

Really really happy about the results

I though my loose vagina was the end of my sex life. I’ve been worried that my boyfriend was unhappy sexually and so I surprised him with an impromptu bit love making involving the gel. I felt so sexy and turned on using it. It was amazing and without doubt it’s rekindled our relationship and even increased my libido. Love it!!!

Amanda Luther

You can also read many more satisfied critiques here.


In a world that is full of charlatans, snake oil salesmen, and scams it seems that V Tight is one of the good guys. They do their best to protect their product by controlling their sales channels and keep a high quality in doing so.

The comments and critics are outstanding and the fact that a 100% money back guarantee is offered is a statement that the manufacturers are proud of their product and willing to stand by its results. There are plenty of positive tales told and you can read even more here.

If you are looking for an alternative to surgery and need to learn how to make your vagina tighter and keep it tight then this is a fantastic option.

Judging by public opinion You will be ecstatic at how quickly it works, how easy it is to apply and how it could prevent you from surgery. This vaginal tightening cream could save you thousands of dollars and the pressure of a lengthy surgery recovery.

If you’ve decided that this is for you then you can make your purchase online at the following button