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Vagina Tightening Cream Comparison 2017

By Clare on March 6th, 2017

For those of you that are afraid or going under the knife, and let’s face it who isn’t, there is an alternative.  Over the last couple of years, vaginal tightening creams have increased in popularity due to the incredible shrinking results that they can achieve for you ‘down there’.

Over the last couple of years, vaginal tightening creams have increased in popularity due to the incredible tightening results that they can achieve for you ‘down there’.

Recommended V-Tight Gel Review

These creams, or gels, are becoming the most popular alternative to surgery and exercises. We all know that developing your pelvic floor muscle can take time and in our busy lives, we need to get results now.

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Many women can see the change in their vagina for 2 reasons:

  • Childbirth (stretching of vagina)
  • Age (losing elasticity)

These reasons can also change the shape and lead to a reduced libido or even complete loss of sex drive. This can be due to lack of sensation or worry about a partner’s sexual satisfaction.

By applying a topical ointment you can stop worrying about performing kegel exercises, or which rejuvenation surgery to choose. Just apply, sit back and wait as your vagina tightens almost instantly. In some cases,  your vagina tightens permanently.

The benefits of choosing from the best vagina tightening creams can include:

  • Differing levels of a tighter vaginal canal
  • Fantastic orgasms as a result
  • Vaginal lubrication in preparation for sex
  • Increased libido and appetite for sex due to enjoyment of sexual intercourse

The great thing about creams and gels is that they contain natural ingredients. This means that there are no side effects. That’s got to be a better alternative to vaginal rejuvenation surgery. As with any treatment, you should consult a medical professional before use to help protect against allergies to naturally occurring ingredients found in recommended vaginal tightening creams.

It’s really common for users of acclaimed creams to feel sexier and have an increased libido. It can be a real turn on to see how much your partner is enjoying stimulating sex with you.

It’s even been reported among some women using v-tight gel that they benefited from other symptoms being cured including:

  • no more vaginal dryness
  • reduction of unpleasant odors
  • reduced yeast infections

Best Vaginal Tightening Cream

So you’ve got this far and you want to know what the top contracting ointment for your vulva is. We recommend V-Tight Gel. It’s made purely from ingredients that occur naturally and has many amazing reviews from women who have used it.
Recommended V-Tight Gel Review

Alternatives To Cream


While there are other ways of tightening your vagina at home none are known to work as well as a cream.  Another option is vaginal tightening pills but these have very mixed reviews with many women unhappy at their choice.

Another option is vaginal tightening pills but these have very mixed reviews with many women unhappy at their choice as they don’t seem to have the impact of a gel and the immediate feeling of tightening as it’s applied directly to your genitalia.


There is of course surgery and while this can prove to ultimately be the best option due to its permanence, it relies on everything going right. Any mistakes here are costly so why not use a cream first to see if a non-invasive action can get you the results you want at a fraction of the price and no medical risk or recovery time.


Kegel exercises can take a time to see any results and that’s if they work at all. The beauty of our top cream is that it also comes with an exercise program to use in conjunction with the gel application. This double-pronged approach is proving to be successful. It’s like dieting and going to the gym to get your body beautiful. Each can work in its own right but you get the best results when done together.

Home remedies

Old wives tales of bathing in apple cider vinegar have also been used as a last resort but there is no medical proof this works and can cause discomfort in your genitals if the bathing in a solution that’s too strong.

Why Use Vaginal Tightener Creams?

After giving birth it can be a real burden on women in the sense of a changing body. The fact is your body has changed and it can be common to feel like your vagina is looser. This can then lead to wondering if you are satisfying your partner and the infidelity that can come with that.

Due to a number of options available in this market, some guidance is needed and that’s why this review and comparison of the top vagina tightening creams of 2017 has been created to help you make the right choice to get back to the old you.

Recommended V-Tight Gel Review