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Vaginal weightlifting – strengthen & empower your vagina

By Clare on March 12th, 2016

Jade or Yoni Egg

Lifting weights with your vagina may seem a joke, but it is far from it. In fact, it boasts some real benefits.

Vaginal weightlifting refers to strength training exercises that use the contraction of pelvic floor muscles to lift objects using specialized equipment such as yoni eggs, vaginal cones or jade eggs.

Fitness experts believe that it helps strengthen the pelvic floor much more effectively than typical Kegel exercises alone. It gives women sexual power and confidence.

A strong vagina can bring several benefits. Some of them are:

  • Helps you to have more orgasms
  • Experience longer and more intense orgasms. An orgasm is an intense contraction. When you have a strong pelvic floor, it can help to intensify that manifolds
  • Make childbirth easier and also helps recover faster after delivery
  • Enhances your libido. When the vagina is sensitive and strong, sex becomes more pleasurable
  • It helps remove any issues with urine incontinence
  • It works to improve the circulation in the vaginal canal and also enhances lubrication
  • You have more life energy, and this has a positive impact on your life.
  • Pelvic floor strengthening exercises creates a strong genital mind connection, which in turn encourages more blood flow in the area which can put you more in the mood for sex
  • It helps women to emotionally and physically reconnect to their vaginas. This enables them to get in touch with their sexual energy.

In some women, especially those who have undergone vaginal deliveries, the vagina can feel loose and relaxed.

While sometimes the traditional pelvic strengthening exercise can tighten things back, in certain stubborn cases, genital weightlifting can be a good option.

It is enough to exercise the vagina just for five minutes a day to enjoy all the benefits of a tighter more controlled vaginal canal.

Even thought vaginal weights are doctor-approved, it should be done safely and in moderation.

Intimacy coach Kim Anami who is the pioneer of ‘Vaginal Kung fu’ is of the opinion that the technique not only gives practitioners a pelvis of steel, but also helps bestow younger looking skin and combats depression.

She says that the exercise is based on ancient Taoist practices that women used over 5000 years ago in order to strengthen the pelvic floor and enhance their sexual pleasure. She is credited with having lifted various weights with her lady parts from surfboards to chandeliers to even an Oscar statuette!

She claims that it creates an overall lift in the human system including a face lift as well.

According to her, there have been clients who have stopped using Botox after they started vaginal weightlifting.

Clearly for women who can do with a more satisfying sex life, this can be an empowering technique that can change the entire course of their sex life.

Vaginal weight training devices

Vaginal weight training necessitates the usage of some equipment that are specifically designed to fit within the vagina. They are positioned just above the pelvic floor muscles within the vagina. This is so that when these muscles contract and lift, they offer extra resistance. Vaginal weights include:

Vaginal balls

They are weighted balls that are used in combination with Kegel exercises. Practitioners generally begin with a single vaginal ball and then gradually progress to two balls for improved strength and resistance.

Vaginal cones

As per this system, small pelvic weights are put inside a cone, which is next inserted to stay put above the pelvic floor muscles. There are two sizes of cones available: medium and small.

Yoni eggs

These are egg-shaped, polished semi-precious stones that are designed to increase the vitality and health of the vagina.

Vaginal weight training guidelines

  1. Pick the right vaginal weight and position the same above your pelvic floor muscles. The ideal weight to begin with is the weight you can lift easily.
  2. Lift and squeeze the vaginal weight inside the body using the pelvic floor muscles. Do this exercise for a few seconds and then bring the weight down and relax.
  3. Take some rest till you feel that your pelvic floor muscles are completely recovered from the recent exertion. It may take around 45 seconds for the vagina to recover. Taking a break is crucial to help avoid straining your pelvis.
  4. Repeat the exercise again for at least 8-10 times in a row with adequate breaks.
  5. Do the technique on alternate days for 2-3 day every week. Doing it on alternate days will help your pelvic floor muscles to recover fast and help enhance the effectiveness of the next day exercises.
  6. As your pelvic floor muscles grows in strength, slowly increase the amount of weights you are lifting.

Strengthening the muscles with vaginal weights can take some time, around 5-6 months in some cases.

Begin with the number of exercises you can easily perform and then increase the number of exercises progressively.

Keep in mind that you must not use vaginal weights at the time of pregnancy and also after your delivery until your gynecologist has approved the usage of tampons and re-commencement of sexual intercourse.

You can buy Aquaflex – Pelvic Floor Exercise System from Amazon for vaginal weightlifting.

It comprises weighted cones to help strengthen the pelvic floor muscles and is simple yet effective.

The product is clinically proven and can work to improve sexual health and get rid of issues with urinary incontinence.

When the cones are inserted, the pelvic floor muscles contract on their own. When you add more weights, the muscle strength increases further.

This exercise system comprises two cones and four weights (5 g, 10 g and 2 x 20 g). It is advised that you do not use it at the time of pregnancy or if you have had a prolapse.

Final word on vaginal weightlifting

As with any kind of new exercise it’s important to listen to your body there are no dangers associated with the practice as long as you are sensible and take care to build up gradually. It is advised that you begin small and then work your way up as your vagina tightens and strengthens just as in any weight lifting exercise.

Quite a few doctors have expressed their belief that although unconventional, vaginal weight lifting will have a positive impact on women.

Most of them feel that this is opening up a door for women to explore their sexuality even more. We might not know it but vaginal health is at the core of our entire well-being.

Your vagina is the center of the body, do what feels good no matter how strange it may seem!!!